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Pierre Jean Jouve

Helen - Poéme

Poéme / Poémes d'Pierre Jean Jouve

How beautiful you are now that you no longer exist

Dust of death has taken you off even your soul

How much after you do they lust, since we vanished

Waters waters are filling up the desert's heart

The palest of women

It is sunny on the water crests of the earth

Of the landscape starved to death

Lining with cross purposes the city of yesteryear

It is sunny on the unexpected green cirques

Converted into churches

It is sunny on the disastrous plateau bared and turned over

Because you are so dead

Pouring suns through the traces of your eyes

And the shadows of high trees rooted

Into the terrible
Hair the ones that were turning me frenzy

Translated by
Gilles de

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Pierre Jean Jouve
(1887 - 1976)
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Portrait de Pierre Jean Jouve